Joshua Simmons

I'm a husband, father, Army Warrant Officer and a photographer.  I grew up in the Bay Area of California and the beautiful suburbs of Seattle, Washington.  I have served in the military for over a decade while being married to the love of my life for just as long.  The Lord has blessed us with 4 sons who are as beautiful as the day and as troublesome as the night. 

I am passionate about astrophotography, landscape, street and family photojournalism.  I don't like saying the word "cheese" or posing anyone for an image.  I love to catch things, people and moments as they arrive and deliver an image that will evoke the same emotion it took to procure it. 

My aim and goal while working is to capture the essence of my subject or client in the atmosphere in which they breathe.  There is a story to be told from the mundane to the magnificent and I will work with the light to reveal the narrative.  Thus I shoot in what is known as a "Documentary" or "Reportage" style.  I will tell your story, capture your memories and ensure the preservation of "the Moment".