Lately I have been spending time in various antique malls across Central Texas.  My wife and I have had some "Kids Free" time as of late (ironically while waiting for the birth of a new one).  So we have frequented some beautiful towns and shopping centers and without fail I will find an antique store.  

Out of this has spawned the idea and passion to pursue a project aimed at Americana memorabilia and still life.  This has also inspired me to give more attention to and improvement upon my color photography. 

I have the majority of my short lived photography life in black and white and have paid very little attention to the exacting nature that comes with being and becoming a great colorist.  So now names like Fred Herzog, Saul Leiter, William Eggleston and Luigi Ghirri have become household words. 

I hope my endeavors will yield some semblance of education at the feet of these masters.

Fuji X-T20 (Graphite) / XF 23MM F2 R WR