Golden Hours, Telephotos and the Simple Things



Run of the mill.


There is something about the ordinary I cannot let go of.  The attractively mundane and mesmerizing humdrum of the basic sights of the world now give me pause to reflect, to rejoice, to revere.  It is in our nature to gravitate to the extravagant, the ostentatious and make a spectacle of the spectacular.  I do not mean to diminish the weight of their glory as it is as well earned as it is plainly obvious.  But when I look back on my short time full of long memories, it is the details that have impressed the deepest stamp.  It is the route that routine has woven throughout this terrestrial tapestry that lends the dearest quality to the memorable moment.  Why do we "stop and smell the roses"?  Something quite basic and everyday is used as a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life.  For their perfume, when diffused, provides the sweetest aroma to the familiar.

The typical.

The trivial.

The prevalent and the prosaic.

Shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 w/ XF 56mm F1.2 R / Rokinon 135mm F2 ED UMC